Word finder for Scrabble! How to start playing

How to start Scrabble game? What words that start with Q can be arranged? Is online word finder legal to use? This question are asked by thousands of people who have never encountered this game yet. Some of them give up trying , for example, because the rules seem too complicated for them. Which is a pity because it is not so Scrabble (or its variant-network Literaki) is a simple word game consisting in a large shortcut on arranging words from letters. What is worth knowing about it at the beginning? Here is our short tutorial!

1. Play some Scrabble clones

Learn best by trying. The traditional version of Scrabble differs from the online versions mainly in terms of verbal bonuses. In original, you should simply put a letter on the box with the bonus, while in Literaki it is important to match tiles of a certain color to the fields marked with that color. These are not significant differences, but by trying a few games you can get more flexibility. While at a later stage of development it is worth focusing on one area, at a beginning it is best to get to know as many Scrabble varieties as possible.

2. Print yourself a list of two letter words or use word finder

At the beginning, even two-letter numbers (not to mention three-letter words) can seem overwhelming. Therefore, it is worth at least the first ones to print and look at them during the day. Our ability to remember involuntarily is really great. So why not use this to learn Scrabble words?

3. Try to get to know the meaning of words as well

The human mind is much easier to remember words that it associates with something. Therefore, if you intend to achieve a long-lasting effect, and not just win a game or two, better read one of the online Scrabble or Literal dictionaries ( for example in Scrabblemania ) with the meaning of the words. Not enough that it will allow you to freely use their varieties, it will simply enrich your knowledge!

4. Take on better opponents. You can win by using word finder

You can earn a ranking on kurnik.pl by playing with a large number of weak opponents. Of course, winning is a tasty morsel for any ambitious player, and points are not earned by losing, but in a long run avoiding battles with the better ones is a dead end. You will learn the most from those with whom you will not win for a long time. But when it does happen and after a few months ( or even years) you finally win, the satisfaction will be all the more.

5. Read the online dictionaries or use online word finder

Many players find it inappropriate to check words during the game. While in the classic version of Scrabble it is easy to see if someone uses the dictionary during the game, it is much more difficult on the Internet. Nevertheless, the direct rules do not prohibit it. However, you should be aware that this may even be perceived by some as a fraud. Only that reading the online databases before or after the game is not only completely fair, but also necessary to learn more words and become a better player.

6. Remind yourself language lessons

Remembering even thousands of useful words will not make us immediately use them in all possible variations. Finally, in the Polish language, a large part of individual verbs are accompanied ( including participles) by even several dozen(!) variations. There is no way to forge everyone into memory. So it is worth going back to high school or middle school lessons and remembering the rules of grammar.

7. Don’t avoid different time limits

Most players sooner or later specialize in a specific time limit, preferring whether it is a game that is lightning fast, even a five-minute game, or a longer twenty-minute game, or a half-hour game. At the beginning, however, it is worth playing matches in many variants. Not only that, this way you can find out which one suits you better, it is also an ideal opportunity to learn different strategies for winning.

8. Play, play and play again

The last tip is perhaps the most banal, but any Scrabble player will tell you-nothing can replace the real game! Of course, honing your grammar skills, watching battles on the yt, reading tutorials ( such as this one), cramming two-letters letters and learning the meanings of individual words is very important. Only that experience can not be obtained “dry”. By playing, you will learn about your strengths and weaknesses, you will learn what you need to improve and what works well enough for your game that you can measure yourself against much more experienced Scrabble and Literary fans in this respect. So – vacuum the dusty boxes with board games, install apps and enter the kurnik.pl – each master must have his first time, preferably the word score is still ahead of you!

Below is the list of other Scrabble and word helping tools that may be useful during your game.

Scrabble word finder

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