Words that start with K and Crossword – Scrabble progenitor – where it came from? What is its history?

The prehistory of Scrabble. Where from the word arrangement in Scrabble came from? History of crossword and arrangement of words that start with K and words that start with Z.

Looking at the worldwide popularity of Scrabble fun, it’s hard to forget about its real origins. It is, of course , the crossword. A word puzzle in which the recipient’s task is to enter the correct words in the correct places. What words that start with K can be arranged?

Defining the concept of crossword sounds almost absurd at this point. After all, each of us know, what a crossword is. As well, as we know, what Scrabble is. But this was not always the case. What is the genesis of the popular crossword puzzle, and thus also the game of Scrabble? We are looking at its history.

Old Scrabble

By looking at the genesis of word-arranging, one can go back to the turn of the XVIII and XIX centuries. The first word puzzles of this kind appeared even around 1795, but they were much simpler and were based only on constructing words in such a way that they were arranged simultaneously vertically and horizontally.

The genesis of the word “crossword” itself is recorded in 1862. It appeared then in the American monthly magazine “Our Young Folks”, dedicated to the youngest. The form of the word, however, was slightly different from the modern one ( eng. “word-cross”, not :crossword” as it is now).

Historically, the presence was often limited to books and magazines for children. This had little to do with the complexity of Scrabble.

XX Century – real beginnings of arrangement words that start with K

The crossword as we know it now appeared for the first time in 1913. It appeared in the “New York World” newspaper as a work by Arthur Wynne. This English journalist is therefore widely credited as the actual inventor of the crossword puzzle.

It is also this newspaper that is responsible for the final consolidation of the English term “crossword” ( from which the Polish “crossword” was derived). The previously adopted word order was changed for the publication of its graphic.

From the Crossword to Scrabble

Over the next few years, crossword puzzles began to be published in a series of periodicals that continued to run until the 1920s. Have already started to be a peculiar phenomenon, eagerly commented on and discussed among the newspaper readers. The first books began to appear , all filled with crosswords.

The English term “crossword” entered the Oxford dictionary in 1933. It was already two years after the New York architect Mosher Butts invented the game in Scrabble. Labeled it then “criss-cross” – also in nomenclature , undoubtedly inspired by the crossword.

Scrabble without crosswords? Impossible

It cannot be denied, that the genesis of Scrabble is inextricably linked with the crosswords. What’s fascinating, is how soon after the shape of crosswords became established, this popular board game was designed. Seems to say something about its innate potential to fascinate audiences and induce them to design their own word puzzles.

Today, both crossword puzzles and Scrabble remain one of the most popular and, at the same time, the simplest verbal entertainments. Looking back, however, it is not difficult to get the impression that their history is not as old as it might seem. One thing is certain – they will stay definitely with us for a long time.

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