Words that start with Z in Scrabble. Fun outside the rules – the most interesting games, expanding the idea of Scrabble

Words that start with Z, words that start with X and the most interesting variations on Scrabble. Not only Scrabble – word games, that play with ideas. Alternative Scrabble variants.

Scrabble as undoubtedly the most popular word game in the world has many variants and alternatives. They are made by creatively changing the rules of the base game. Thanks to this, they are able to surprise its lovers and present them with new, interesting challenges. How many words that start with Z can be arranged in Scrabble?

We are looking at some interesting Scrabble variants. How could a game you think you know very well change? Here is an unusual Scrabble!


The simplest Scrabble modifications are made by changing the rules of the game without affecting the elements used. One of them are anagrams. In this variant of the game only letter blocks are used without using the board.

The blocks are placed on a flat surface facing down. Players take turns discovering individual letters, giving each other after a few moments to look at the visible set. Anyone who notices among the current letters a potential word can take it and put it in front of him.

This variant of the game is characterized by a fast pace and little downtime. There is not much time for reflection here. Thanks to this, it is a variant popular among tournament Scrabble players who practice their skills in it, useful during competitions.

Ecological Scrabble

This variant of the game introduces only one game- changing modification. It uses the same set that we use in normal Scrabble games, all letters and a board. With the difference, that “blanks” can be recycled – that’s why the name “ecological” Scrabble.

This works as follows – each player who starts his turn before placing a word may take one of the “blanks” from the board and replace it with the corresponding letter. So, if the “Blank” was used to replace the letter “Ł” in the word, the player who has it in his set can put it in this place and take the “blank” for re-use. However, it is important that it replaces exactly the same letter – it cannot be different, even if the result would also be an acceptable word.

Scrabble solitaire and arrangement of words that start with Z

This variant of the game is intended for those who would like to practice their Scrabble skills, but do not have an opponent at the moment. It has exactly the same rules as normal Scrabble gameplay _ with one difference. It is played by yourself.

The player then plays the following turns in accordance with the rules, arranging the next words. In this variant you can play on time – try to score as many points as possible within a limited time. You can also aim for the maximum number of points without any time limit.

Super Scrabble

More complicated Scrabble variations already require different elements. An example of one is Super Scrabble. This version of the game was introduced in 2004 with the aim of creating more exciting yet challenging version of the game.

Super Scrabble is therefore characterized by a large board 21 by 21 instead of 15 by 15. It also uses twice as many letters than in the basic version of Scrabble. There are more scored spaces and higher multipliers ( up to quadruple) on the board.

Therefore in this version of Scrabble more important strategic thinking and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the boards.

Junior Scrabble

This version of Scrabble is designed for the youngest ones. The board is larger and has words printed on one side. The player’s task here is only to place letters in such a way as to place the words visible on it from the beginning. Thanks to this, the youngest Scrabble players can master the rules of the game and learn the necessary thinking.

When they start to feel comfortable with the Scrabble gameplay, they can turn the board. On its reverse side there is a board similar to the one found in the “ adult” version of Scrabble.

Words that start with Z in Scrabble and other games. We are limited only by our imagination

These are of course just a few examples of different Scrabble variants. In practice, nothing restricts players from making their own modifications to diversify the game. In particular, which do not require any changes of the used elements.